Can you please tell me about the services you offer?-2017-05-03T13:15:51-06:00
We offer four different packages based on the level of service you are looking for. They are as follows:
If you send us your flyer to broadcast, that’s the Bronze package, and it runs $39.95.
If you want to use one of our templates and have us create your eFlyer, that’s a Silver Package, and it runs $49.95. If you want the electronic file to go with that, it’s the Gold Package, and that runs $59.95.
If you want us to completely customize a flyer for you, that’s the Platinum Package, and it runs $69.95. You do get an electronic file as well.  If you opt to proceed with the Platinum Package, please be sure to include any preconceived ideas that you may have regarding the layout and color scheme of your flyer.
The number of Realtors your email is delivered to varies by area, but we guarantee that your eFlyer will reach a minimum of 6,000 people if sent to the Denver Metro area. For the price of one eFlyer, you can choose 3 areas within Denver Metro or any sub-area listed on our Broadcast Areas page of our website.  You can upgrade to reach the entire Metro for an additional $35.
The pricing above does assume that you will be sending a property flyer.  If you will be sending a non-property flyer, the prices are an additional $20 to those listed above.
To order, just go to www.eFlyerMarketing.com and select the “Buy Now” button on the left hand side of the page.
Can I send my Eflyer outside of my geographic area?2022-08-03T06:35:42-06:00

Unfortunately no.  In our experience this yields little to no results and can be damaging to the reputation of the senders.  As a result our policy is that Eflyers may only be sent to the geographic area surrounding your property or business.  Please feel free to email us with any questions regarding distribution areas.

How long does it take?-2017-05-03T13:13:15-06:00
If you send us a flyer, we will broadcast your eFlyer within 2 business days.  If we will be creating a flyer for you, we will send you a proof to review within 2 business days and will broadcast it the day after you approve your flyer.
What is the difference between the Silver and Gold Packages?-2017-05-19T10:19:39-06:00
With the Silver Package, we create your eFlyer using one of the templates on our website templates.  If you want a high resolution file to use for printing, you would want to order the Gold Package. Otherwise, they are the same.
Does it have to be a property or can I broadcast a flyer that’s about a business or service?-2017-05-03T12:25:12-06:00
We broadcast non-property flyers as long as they are related to or of interest to real estate professionals.
What is the cost?-2022-09-01T07:28:37-06:00
The cost depends on which package you purchase.  If you send us a flyer to broadcast, that’s the Bronze package, and it is $49.95.  If you want us to create a flyer for you using one of our templates, that’s the Silver Package, and it is $59.95.  If you want us to create a flyer for you using one of our templates and you want the electronic file to use for printing, that’s the Gold Package, and it is $69.95.  If you want us to create a completely customize flyer for you, that’s the Platinum Package, and it is $79.95.  You get an electronic file with the Platinum Package as well.  
How much does it cost to resend my eFlyer?-2022-09-01T07:30:50-06:00
To resend the exact same flyer, it is only $39.95 for the area of your choosing.  If you need to make changes to your flyer, it’s an additional $10 for a total of $49.95.
Is the price per broadcast? Do you have monthly or yearly pricing?-2017-05-03T12:31:09-06:00
We charge per broadcast.  There are no monthly fees.  We do offer packages that can give you up to a 20% discount though!  Please email customer service for details if you are interested.
Do I need to set up an account? Is there a monthly contract?-2017-05-03T12:32:24-06:00
No, we don’t require our customers to create accounts, nor do we require contracts.  We only charge you for what you use.  You have no other commitment.
Can I request for my eFlyer to be broadcast on a specific day?-2017-05-03T12:33:42-06:00
Can I set up multiple broadcasts?-2017-05-03T13:07:33-06:00
Yes!  Just let us know when you place your order, and customer service will do what is necessary to set up each broadcast.
Do you offer same day service?-2017-05-19T14:56:01-06:00
Yes!  There is a $10 expedite fee for same day service on Bronze orders.  With Silver, Gold or Platinum orders, we offer a $10 expedite fee to send a proof the same day you order with the intention of broadcasting your eFlyer the next day or a $20 expedite fee for creating and broadcasting your eFlyer on the same day.  The only reason we charge it is to recoup some of the additional costs associated with reorganizing the broadcast schedule to insert your order.
Please note:  Same day service is not available through the online ordering process, because we aren’t always able to accommodate such requests.  Please note your request in the “What Else” section of the order form, and contact customer service if you’d like same day service.
Also note: Platinum same day orders must be received by 12pm MST in order to be broadcast the same day.
Why do some responses not come directly to me?-2017-05-19T10:25:33-06:00
eFlyers come from your name but our e-mail address.  All Internet marketing companies who supply the e-mail addresses are required to so in order to be spam compliant.
What format do you need my flyer in?-2017-05-19T15:11:05-06:00
We accept nearly any file format, but we do prefer JPG or PDF.  The file should be not exceed 10″ x 22″ (essentially two pages).  
Do you track open rates? Is there a report I can get once my flyer is broadcast?-2017-05-10T09:03:13-06:00
In order to track open rates there is a cue that must be embedded in the email to allow tracking. Unfortunately, that cue can easily trigger filters and has a considerable impact on deliverability. Because of that, we do not use them.  We feel that since you can easily measure the effectiveness of our marketing (i.e. increased showings, attendance at events like open houses and broker opens, increased hits on virtual tours and websites), our customers prefer the higher throughput received by not employing this method.
Do I get the template for my personal use so I can make edits?-2017-05-19T10:29:47-06:00
The documents we send are not in a modifiable format, but we can make changes to your flyer for you for a nominal charge.  Please order the Resend with Changes package if you need modifications made prior to your eFlyer being broadcast.
Does my eFlyer go out once? How long does it run?-2017-05-03T12:42:59-06:00
Your eFlyer is broadcast one time per order, but the image will remain active on our website for 6 months, which enables you to use it in other marketing and advertising.
How many e-mails will my eFlyer be sent to?-2022-09-01T08:11:59-06:00
eFlyers that go to 3 areas within Denver Metro are guaranteed to reach a minimum of 4,000 people!  If they go to the entire Metro, each eFlyer will reach over 11,000 real estate professionals!
Here is the breakdown for the other larger areas in Colorado.  If your area is not listed, please e-mail customer service, and they can let you know how many people are in your area:
Colorado Springs 2,945
Mountains 2,483
Northern Colorado 4,056
Entire State 22,491
Where do you get your lists?-2017-05-03T12:50:37-06:00
Our lists are designed to replicate the MLS and Board(s) in your area.
Where are eFlyers sent?-2017-05-19T10:38:48-06:00
eFlyers are e-mailed to other real estate professionals in the Broadcast Area(s) of your choosing.