We offer four different packages based on the level of service you are looking for. They are as follows:
If you send us your flyer to broadcast, that’s the Bronze package, and it runs $39.95.
If you want to use one of our templates and have us create your eFlyer, that’s a Silver Package, and it runs $49.95. If you want the electronic file to go with that, it’s the Gold Package, and that runs $59.95.
If you want us to completely customize a flyer for you, that’s the Platinum Package, and it runs $69.95. You do get an electronic file as well.  If you opt to proceed with the Platinum Package, please be sure to include any preconceived ideas that you may have regarding the layout and color scheme of your flyer.
The number of Realtors your email is delivered to varies by area, but we guarantee that your eFlyer will reach a minimum of 6,000 people if sent to the Denver Metro area. For the price of one eFlyer, you can choose 3 areas within Denver Metro or any sub-area listed on our Broadcast Areas page of our website.  You can upgrade to reach the entire Metro for an additional $35.
The pricing above does assume that you will be sending a property flyer.  If you will be sending a non-property flyer, the prices are an additional $20 to those listed above.
To order, just go to www.eFlyerMarketing.com and select the “Buy Now” button on the left hand side of the page.